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Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood floors are made from 18-22mm of solid species of hardwood or softwood machined with a tongue and groove to enable them to interlock when fitted.  Solid floors are prone to greater movement and greater cupping.  They can be sanded and re-surfaced.  Our range of solid wood flooring encompasses a variety of timbers & finishes.  We can also offer our customers solid timber floors with the desired wide board and long length look.

Semi Solid Wood Floors

Engineered boards have the same appearance as solid wooden floors except this type of board consists of an upper layer of natural wood backed with multi-ply layers.  This multi-layer construction allows you to achieve a wide board look but provides stability and prevents the floor from extreme movement and cupping due to humidity and temperature changes which will occur with solid floors of the same width. They can be used with under floor heating and can be sanded and re-surfaced.

Laminated Floors

Laminated floors are durable, hardwearing, easy to install and provide a low cost option.  With advances in patterns and quality, laminates can be hard to distinguish from natural wood floors.  The quality of the laminated board is primarily determined by the durability of its laminated surfaces.  The advantages of laminated flooring includes abrasion and pressure resistant, castor resistant, largely resistant to cigeratte ash, hygenic, resistant to most chemical, stain resistant and they are also compatible with underfloor heating.

The images shown below are only a small selection of the type of quality flooring that we stock:
oak ash cherry maple walnut limewashed oak

We can supply and fit new timber floors or re-sand and restore existing timber floors.  All our floors are finished to a high standard, whether they are varnished or oiled.  Come visit us in our showroom where you can view our wide range of timber flooring, including wide boards. We can also provide herringbone flooring in a variety of timber finishes.  Alternatively contact us with any queries that you may have.