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Stairs: Order & Design Process

Step #3: Tread – Open Tread / Closed Tread

Closed tread describes a stairs with a full timber riser between each tread (the part you step on). With this option it is not possible to see through the stairs (see Photograph A & B).

Open tread allows you to see through the gap between each of the treads and can help to brighten up a hallway if necessary. In order to meet Building Regulations it is necessary to use a small timber riser (Photograph C) or a stainless steel bar (Photograph D & E) to ensure that the gap between each tread is not too big.



Photograph A
Closed Tread Timber Riser - Cut String
Photograph B
Closed Tread Painted Riser - Cut String

Photograph C
Open Tread Small Timber Riser - Closed String

Photograph D
Open Tread Stainless Steel Bar - Cut String
Photograph E
Open Tread Stainless Steel Bar - Closed String